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Lightning Protection & Lightning Safety

The words tornado and hurricane tend to evoke fear, especially in regions prone to these storms. By way of contrast, many people think nothing of leaving the protection of a building during a raging thunderstorm to dash to their cars. Yet lightning, overlooked as a threat by many, is responsible, on average, for more deaths each year than are tornadoes and hurricanes combined (National Weather Service statistics, 1940-1991). Additionally, lightning injures far more often than it kills. Injuries induced by lightning can be painful, debilitating and oftentimes permanent; frequently, significant damage will be done to the central nervous system or the brain.

Why, then, do we take such risks with lightning? Ignorance is the primary cause; most people simply do not know the potential danger they are placing themselves in when they venture outdoors during a thunderstorm — or when they pick up the phone indoors or decide to do the dishes while a thunderstorm is in progress. Add to this the fact that lightning is capable of some very erratic behavior. People have been struck by lightning when no clouds were visible from their location. Lightning can, in fact, travel many miles from its parent cloud.

Lightning protection and lightning safety links to the right offer information, statistics and, of most importance, safety tips on how to keep yourself and others protected when lightning is or may potentially be present. These lightning protection and lightning safety articles and websites also describe precautions you can take in advance to insure you are not caught in an exposed area when a thunderstorm strikes. Since thunderstorms and the lightning that accompanies them can occur anywhere in the U.S. as well as in most areas of the world, it is extremely important that you learn the lightning safety rules necessary to properly shield yourself, your loved ones and valuable electronic equipment against injury, death or destruction by a force of nature that can be an exceedingly quick and lethal killer.

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