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Tropical Cyclone, Typhoon & Hurricane Archive

After observing the intense interest in specific cyclonic storms by visitors to our site, even long after the departure of these storms from the scene, I’ve decided to create an archive of storms previously tracked in our Tropical Cyclone, Typhoon & Hurricane Tracking Center.

The Tropical Cyclone, Typhoon & Hurricane Archive is being initiated on 10 June 2007 with coverage of Super Cyclonic Storm Gonu, one of the most powerful storms ever to strike the Arabian Peninsula, albeit with a glancing blow. I would greatly appreciate photos or images of the storm in progress or of storm damage by anyone who experienced Gonu. If photos are of good quality, we may include them in the archive with credit given to the photographer. Firsthand accounts of the storm are also welcome. Please note that photos and storm information must be your own or in the public domain.

This archive will be organized in a manner similar to our tracking center, with storms arranged by date within geographic region. The archive will be expanded as each new tropical cyclone is tracked. Time permitting, we will also add prior storms. Creating an archive worthy of viewing by our visitors will be a significant undertaking for which I ask your support. If you are interested in tropical cyclones or simply have stories or photos to share, please contact us. If you are interested in tropical cyclone forecasting or tracking, we are also seeking useful resources for our Tropical Cyclone, Typhoon & Hurricane Tracking Center.

I hope this archive will become a valuable resource for those of you have an interest in tropical meteorology and tropical cyclones as well as those who simply like to look at the photos or read accounts of individuals who have experienced the wrath of a tropical cyclone. I personally rode out Super Typhoon Pamela as an Air Weather Officer in the U.S. Air Force while on the island of Guam in 1976. I know there are a lot of interesting stories out there to tell.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 10 June 2007.

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(3 Resources updated 20 June 2007)

    (1 Resource updated 20 June 2007)

    • 2007 North Atlantic Hurricanes
      • Tropical Storm CHANTAL (anticipated)
      • Tropical Storm BARRY (02L)
      • Subtropical Storm ANDREA (01L)

    • 2007 Eastern North Pacific Hurricanes
      • Tropical Storm COSME (anticipated)
      • Tropical Storm BARBARA (02E)
      • Tropical Storm ALVIN (01E)

    • 2007 Western North Pacific Typhoons
      • Tropical Storm TORAJI (anticipated)
      • Typhoon YUTU (AMANG) (02W)
      • Typhoon KONG-REY (01W)

    • 2007 North Indian Ocean & Arabian Sea Cyclonic Storms
    (0 Resources updated 10 June 2007)

    • 2006-2007 Southwest Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones
      • Intense Tropical Cyclone JAYA (22S)
      • Intense Tropical Cyclone INDLALA (19S)
      • Tropical Cyclone HUMBA (16S)
      • Intense Tropical Cyclone GAMEDE (15S)
      • Intense Tropical Cyclone FAVIO (14S) Back to Top

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