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Home Weather Instruments & Equipment

No other science today influences our everyday lives as does meteorology, the study of the atmosphere that focuses on weather processes and their prediction. This weather observation is given credence by the number of homes and business offices that display various types of weather equipment — usually a thermometer, barometer or hygrometer. We enjoy having weather instruments at hand and are fascinated by their ability to provide, at a glance, an instant assessment of how hot or cold it is outside, whether the barometric pressure is rising or falling, from what direction the wind is blowing, or how much rain fell in our gardens last night. Undoubtedly, this fascination grew out of pure necessity when, early in history, fishermen preparing to put to sea attempted to gain some insight as to whether their voyage would be safe and productive.

The revolution in digital circuitry has spawned a whole new generation of sophisticated home weather equipment, complete with digital readouts and remote sensing capability, as well as safety equipment such as emergency weather radios, lightning detectors and handheld weather instruments. Now more than ever, it can be not only informative, but fun to have your very own weather display sitting atop your desk or on your nightstand. Complete remote-sensing weather stations can now be purchased for under $300; these are often available with a personal computer interface. Do-it-yourself home weather instrument projects are also available for those of us who are adventuresome or simply wish to dabble in science or electronics. To a child just beginning to explore the world of science, home weather instruments may serve as the spark that ignites a promising career in meteorology, oceanography or environmental engineering.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 1 May 2003, updated 28 April 2007.

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