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Weather Safety Equipment & Survival Gear

The changeability and extremes weather exhibits make safety products such as weather safety equipment and survival gear an absolute necessity. Weather safety equipment ranges from doppler radar, airport wind shear warning systems and aircraft deicing equipment to a simple thermometer. Survival gear may constitute full survival suits available to marine oil rig workers, GPS emergency locator beacons, or GORE-TEX® ski gloves and sleeping bags.

We direct you to websites and articles pertaining to weather safety equipment and survival gear. When preparing for a weather emergency or any type of emergency, do not forget about the most important piece of survival gear you have at your disposal — your brain! Learning what to do in an emergency and using common sense are critical keys to surviving any hazardous weather situation. If you know you may be engaged in an activity or located in a region where weather can pose a hazard, learn what weather safety equipment or survival gear is available, acquire the gear, and learn how to use it properly.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 9 July 2005.

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